Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property (“IP”)claims to be one of  Hancheng’s distinguished practicing areas . Hancheng has established close connection with law schools and IP rights centers of South Central University of Economics & Law, Xiangtan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, People’s University of China etc.. Our IP rights services cover patent, trademark, copyright, anti-unfair competition, trade secret, and know-how in different industries, etc. Furthermore, Hancheng also provides tailor-made legal services relating to computer software, network transmission, domain name, franchise, video and audio, media and other high-tech.
Service scopes
Provide consultancy services relating to patent application, trademark and copyright registration, integrated circuit layout design protection, and domain name protection, etc.
Provide IP protection strategies for enterprises, and assist clients in establishing and refining brand system and protection strategy.
Provide consultancy in setup and operation of IP rights (protection) department for clients.
Provide consultancy in solving unfair competition relating to IP rights.
Patent strategy: provide consultancy service in forming patent strategy, assist clients in establishing patent map, patent pool, patent searching and supervision of competitor’s patent, overseas early warning and risk management plans, analysis report and resolution plans.
Finance IP rights.
Due diligence investigation: provide due diligence investigation for market development and R&D, assist clients in risk managements and seize window opportunities.
IP rights searching/supervision/analysis: provide searching service for IP rights, represent clients to supervise competitors’ IP rights status, and furnish analysis and opinion on searching documents / supervision results upon requests.
Intellectual property litigation: represent plaintiffs in IP infringement claims or defendants in IP infringement defenses,  represent clients in administration lawsuit, protect clients’ intellectual property rights.

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