The labor law system in China is now continuously improving and effective management of labor relations has become the primary challenge for every enterprise. Employers must plan and implement tailor-made and sustainable labor strategies in compliance with constantly changing regulatory requirements.  
  Guangdong Hancheng Law Firm (Hancheng) is one of the leading law firms in South China in the field of labor and human resources. With a qualified and cooperative team, we have the expansive reach and experience to help clients achieve desirable results. More particularly, our adherence to professional ethics has earned respect from outside.
  Hancheng is capable to provide excellent levels of legal service in the of labor and human resources and become your reliable partner.
Service Scopes:
Labor Contract and Labor Regulation
Labor union and Collective Bargaining
Disputes Solutions
Special Consultancy Service
Labor Contract and Labor Regulation
According to client’s requirements, draft or review employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, training agreements, non-compete agreements and other agreements or documents related to employment;
According to client’s requirements, draft or review staff handbook, code of conduct, salary and benefit policy, leave policy, reward and punishment measure, staff performance assessment, confidentiality policy, workplace safety policy, staff training policy and other labor policies or rules;
Draft and review recruitment policy and management policy;
Design position-employment separation strategies for  clients;
Design employee incentive plan and strategies (i.e. employee stock option plan) for clients;
Design supplementary insurance plan and strategies (i.e. enterprise annuity) for clients;
Design housing fund plan and strategies for clients;
Design salary and benefit strategies for clients;
Design work-related injury and occupational disease management strategies for clients;
Design labor dispatching or labor outsourcing strategies, draft domestic and cross-border outsourcing plans expatriate employment documents, and revise related employment contracts, labor dispatching agreements and work arrangement agreements.
  Union and Collective Bargaining
Assist clients in establishing labor unions;
Assist clients in establishing employee representative congress;
Assist clients in coordinating the relations with union at all levels and with the employee representative congress;
Assist clients in the election of labor union and employee representative congress; 
Draft or review legal documents related to union;
Represent clients in collective bargaining, draft and review collective agreements; 
Represent clients in strike negotiation;
Assist clients in performance of democratic procedure of rules and regulations required by law; 
Provide training of union law.
  Dispute Solutions
Design solution plans for labor disputes;
Represent clients in labor dispute conciliation or negotiations;
Represent clients in labor arbitration; 
Represent clients in labor lawsuits;
Represent clients in collective labor arbitration or lawsuits;
Represent clients in administrative punishment hearings;
Represent clients in work-related injury and occupational disease hearings and determinations;
Represent clients in administrative reviews and administrative lawsuits of work-related injury and occupational disease;
Issue labor disputes analysis reports.
Special Consultancy Service
Provide counseling services of issuing written opinion, investigation and evidence collection, attending negotiation, labor document drafting, attending the hearing of labor arbitration or lawsuit by means of telephone, email and face-to-face meeting written advice etc.
Provide perennial legal counsel Service focused on Labor Law;
Amend and review senior management and general employees’ labor contracts, service contracts, labor agreements and labor dispatching agreements;
Amend and review employee confidential agreements, training agreements, non-compete agreements and other agreements related to labor contracts;
Amend and review collective contracts;
Provide legal counseling and related legal grounds and advises;
Attend clients’ important decision-making meetings when necessary upon requests;
Amend and review staff handbook, code of conduct, wage and welfare policy, rest and leave policy, reward and punishment measure, staff performance assessment, confidentiality policy, work environment security policy, staff training policy and other labor policies or rules to ensure legality, reasonableness and performability;
Provide updated labor laws and regulations.
Other Services focused on labor law
Design workforce redundancy plans;
Engage in state-owned enterprise restructuring and regarding employees’ settlement, re-location and compensation plans;
Design employee settlement, re-location, and compensation plans in the case of corporate spin-off, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and implement plans;
Design employee settlement, re-location and compensation plans in the case of  corporate dissolution or bankruptcy;
Handle crisis arising from employment management;
Provide legal advice and issue lawyer’s letters for clients upon requests;
Investigate and collect evidence for clients;
Provide training of labor law and labor union law for kinds of organizations;
In addition, any service mentioned above can be separately and independently provided as special project for clients upon requests.

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