Real Estate development and construction

Hencheng’s Construction and Real Estate team consists of numbers of professional and experienced partners and lawyers capable to provide comprehensive legal services for large and medium-sized infrastructures, public utility project construction, international works, land development, real-estate construction and financing, immovable property leasing and operation, hotel management and property management, dispute resolution related to real estate. Our partners and lawyers specialized in this area have participated many times in national legislation demonstration, policy research, standard contract amendment, etc.
Service scopes:
First grade, second grade development and construction of land:
Assist in dealing with land assessment, relocation compensation for demolition;
Draft, amend first grade commission and development contract on land;
Provide consultancy in policy debriefing, process and cost audit of first grade land development;
Assist in handling storage and listing issues at the government land arrangement and storage center;
Assist in acquiring construction right of state-owned lands;
Assist in drafting and signing land use right assignment contract and transfer contract, pre-sales/sales contract of real-estate;
Conduct legal affairs authorized by property management.
Construction works:
Drafting and revising of construction works contract;
Drafting and revising of construction works subcontract and labor service subcontract;
Legal advice on construction works contract negotiation and internal contract management;
Legal service on construction works insurance selection and insurance claim;
Legal service on construction works insurance claim and counter-claim.
Legal service on international works (D-B, EPC/Turnkey, E-P, DBO, major cross-border works arbitration):
Legal risk analysis of construction project early stage, i.e.: owner assessment and credit information investigation , customs, labor cost and tax policy investigation, etc;
Draft, prepare the key points and scheme of tender and contract negotiation according to the owner’s bidding documents and contract drafts ;
Attend the whole process of negotiation with the owner;
Legal risk reminder during the performance of international construction contract;
Legal affairs relating to guarantee letter,  LC payment in international construction works;
Dispute resolution of international construction works, i.e.: DAB/DRB/cross-border arbitration;
Legal service in  infrastructures and public utilities project construction;
Scheme study and legal risk demonstration relating to project establishment;
follow-up during the whole process of project construction;
Immigrant’s relocation and demolition compensation;
Project insurance, equipment purchase and installation, accident handling.

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