Mineral and natural resources
Hancheng lawyers have rich experiences in legal aspects relating to  mineral and natural resources joint development, exploration and exploitation. Over years we have provided high  quality services to domestic/overseas clients in several mineral and natural resources development projects involving oil, coal bed methane, oil shale, gold, diamond, coal, copper, dolomite and rare earth, etc..
 Service scopes:
Project structure design and legal due diligence investigation
Draft, review and negotiate product distribution contract, mineral proprietary rights  transfer contract and joint exploration/exploitation contract, etc.
Assist in establishment of mineral exploration company and mineral development company
 Assist in  filing, registration and approval procedures
 Provide legal services in financing strategizing, planning, implementation of mineral project
African affairs
Hancheng has several senior lawyers who are experienced in international trade and investment, particularly in Africa-related matters. Hancheng has strong relationship with the African law research center at Law School of Xiangtan University, which up to date remains the only African law research center and doctoral program in China. The African law research center is accredited for its unprecedented and insightful researches which won it wide recognition from domestic scholars. It is our honor to have engaged experts at this center as our external consultants. Currently this reputable African law research center enjoys a leading edge in African law related academic exchange and education. Through cooperation with this research center, we have taken a leap in Africa-related business opportunities, accumulated extensive experiences, and possess a leading position in this area in China.
 Service scopes:
 Legal advices on feasibility study, research report, investment environment, business opportunities for investment projects in Africa
 legal opinion and legal environment evaluation report relating to  project establishment, investment forum and investment structure of investment projects in Africa
Legal risk analysis, prevention and mitigation relating to or arising from African investment law, including international convention, multilateral agreement, bilateral agreement, business law, tax law, foreign exchange , labor, land use, technology transfer, intellectual property right protection, insurance, anti-trust law, etc.
Legal service for investments in Africa
Review and draft investment letter of intent, agreement, contract, memorandum and other legal documents.
Establishment of joint venture, cooperation enterprises, WOFE and branches of African enterprises in China
Establishment of joint venture, WOFE and branches of Chinese enterprises in Africa
Infrastructure project such as large-scale transportation, energy, environment including BOT invested by international funds
Assistance or participation in commercial negotiation for African investment project
Legal service for dispute resolution of African investments, including: negotiation, intermediation, conciliation, arbitration, lawsuit, etc.
Legal service relating to Sino-African trade.

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