Corporate Governance, Securities, Merger and Acquisition

Corporate governance and securities
Corporate governance and securities constitute  core businesses of Hancheng. We have provided services in corporate restructuring and acquisition, corporate formation preparation, establishment, operation and governance, share transfers, increase in shares or capital, IPO, dissolution and liquidation for hundreds of clients including notable multinational corporations, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and government sections, thus having gained rich experiences in these areas. .  On top of special legal consultancy services in many domestic/international transactions and projects that are of complicated structures and far-reaching influences, our corporate governance and securities team also provides long-term legal service for numerous notable clients. In corporate governance and securities area, Hancheng is able to provide timely information by leveraging its effective communication channels and relationship with related authorities, numerous domestic/international securities companies, investment banks, fund companies, investment management companies, public accounting firms, law firms and evaluation companies.
Service scopes:
Company establishment and restructuring
Establishment preparation, establishment, share transfer and capital increase of normal commercial companies;
Establishment preparation, establishment and opening of financial institutions or its branches
Incorporation of joint-stock companies;
Delimitation of state-owned property and collective-owned property, and restructuring of state-owned and collective-owned companies;
Assets reorganization, share system reform of enterprises;
Corporate operation and governance
strategizing and improvement of corporate governance structure;
legalization ofshare incentive plan and employee stock ownership;
 Trust management for corporate assets and share right;
Finance management and structured financing plan;
Due diligence investigation for all company issues;
Bankruptcy,dissolution and liquidation of company
Recombination, disposal and realization of company’s rights and liabilities;
Dissolution, bankruptcy, liquidation and auction ;
Listing of stocks and bonds;
IPO on stock market A and B;
Share allotment, additional equity offering, non-public share offering of listed company;
IPO of domestic company on overseas stock market (H, N, S, CDR, etc.);
Overseas listing of overseas-registered Chinese invested company(Red Chip);
Issuance and Listing of enterprises bonds;
Issuance and Listing of convertible bonds.
Private Equity Fund
Hancheng pays close attention to the development of private equity funds in China and the improvement of the regulatory regime relating to private equity funds in China, and since Hancheng’s pioneer participation in this area, it has developed unique understanding and practice in raising, operation, issuing of private equity funds. Hancheng boasts a legal team with outstanding background of venture investment and private funding which has provided legal services for the preparation, investment and operation of numerous overseas/domestic venture investment funds and private funds, and have represented many domestic developing enterprises in private financing. Our clients come from different industries, i.e. internet industry, network game industry, wind electricity industry, real-estate industry, medical instrument industry, retailing industry, logistics industry, culture media industry, etc.. 
Service scopes
Organization planning and establishment of private equity fund;
Raising and related legal service of private equity fund;
Governance structure planning and standardization of private equity fund;
Investigation, research and legal due diligence of target invested project;
Legal risk analysis and advice on target invested project;
Investment model planning and instrument design;
Design, drafting and review  of legal documents and investment terms ;
Issue legal opinion and advice on invested projects;
Assist and participate in related investment negotiations; 
Legal service in overseas fund (parallel fund) establishment and operation;
Legal assistance inestablishment of domestic equity investment fund by overseas funds.
Reorganization, merger and acquisition
Hancheng has provided legal services in assets reorganization, equity acquisition, assets acquisition in China for numerous Chinese listed companies, state-owned enterprises and private-owned enterprises, and legal services in introducing foreign investments into companines planning to be listed, which are spread in various industries, such as securities, manufacturing, real estate, natural resources, energy, aviation, pharmaceutical, high-tech etc.
Service scopes:
Planning of assets reorganization, equity acquisition and assets acquisition;
planning and legal arrangement in senior management acquisition;
Legal risk analysis and advice on merger and acquisition;
Due diligence investigation in merger and acquisition;
Participation in negotiations;
Drafting or review of documents of merger and acquisition;
Issuing of legal opinion and advices;
Coordination with securities companies, accounting firms, evaluation institutions and other related agencies;
Assistance in negotiation with state-owned assets supervision and administration department;
Assistance in negotiation with securities regulatory department, stock exchange and securities depository and clearing company.

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