Investment comes hand in hand with risks.  Any investment, whether in industry,,trading or other areas, prerequisites an investing vehicle. .  Under PRC law, investing vehicles include companies, partnerships, individual businesses and individuals, mainly companies and partnerships. Various legal issues arise when it comes to establishment and operation of companies and partnerships, which deserve high attentions from investors from regulatory compliance and risk management perspectives.  
Hancheng is specialized in investment risk management and dispute resolutions.  
Hancheng provides tailor-made service for clients in a prudent and proactive manner.
Service scopes.
Company establishment and operation
Acquisition of incomplete constructions and real-estate development
Dispute Resolutions
Special consultancy
Company establishment and operation
Due diligence investigation, investigate partners, investment capital original location, credibility of the project, account receivable and debts  legal status, proprietary rights, shareholders, disputes and lawsuits and issue due diligence reports;
Draft or revise Articles of Association, partnership agreement, and shareholder agreement;
Draft or revise leasing agreements for the operational premises;
Provide legal services in enterprise name pre-approval checking, enterprise code pre-approval, pre-approval on investment catalog, approval on environment protection, SAIC registration, tax registration, foreign exchange registration, customs registration etc..;
Draft or revise shareholder resolutions, board resolutions  , agreements on equity transfer;
Handle equity changes, capital increase, capital decrease, change of legal representative, change of registered address etc.;
Realize accounts receivable, and re-organization;
Handle dissolution, liquidation and  bankruptcy of companies ;
Provide legal services in acquisition of incomplete constructions and real-estate development;
Due diligence investigation: investigate the target lands and building thereon (if any) with regard to ownership, joint ownership, disputes, existing seizure, mortgage and lease, key points of planning design, usage term, fines for delayed development, planning permit,  construction permit, etc. and issue due diligence report and/or legal opinion;
Assist or represent client to attend tender, listing, or auction of land use right;
Draft or revise transfer agreement on land use right, equity transfer agreement, or joint development agreement;
Deal with approvals by national land and resource bureau, planning bureau and other authorities;
Provide services in construction work tenders;
Review and revise construction work contract, issue legal opinion;
Draft or review design agreement, supervision agreement, sales agent agreement according to clients’ needs;
Provide testimony services;
Provide legal service related to financing;
Issue legal opinion on the legality of property/articles that are subject to pledge guaranty;
Represent client to negotiate with bank or other funding party;
Draft or revise transfer agreement on land use right, equity transfer agreement, or joint development agreement;
IPO on  stock market B;
Share allotment, additional equity offer, non-public share offering of listed company;
Provide legal supports in terms of PE, VC share investment;
Financing guarantee;
Trust and financing.
Dispute Resolutions
Plan, design dispute resolutions, issue legal opinion;
Represent clients in conciliations or negotiations;
Represent clients in arbitrations or lawsuits.
Special consultancy
We provide special consultancy services and annual legal consultancy services, service scopes including but not limited to answering questions via phone, email, in personal or in writing, providing legal opinion or advices, issuing legal opinion and analysis, collect evidence and investigation, attending negotiation, drafting legal documents, attending arbitrations or lawsuit hearings, etc.

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