1.Associate, Guangdong Hancheng Law Firm, Shenzhen, China, Jun.2015-Present
o Assisting Mr. Liu Haifeng in dealing with various contract disputes, corporate disputes and real estate disputes and other arbitration and litigation activities, participating in the first trial, second trial and retrial of many cases, assisting in drafting various litigation documents;
o Assisting in handling various non-litigation legal affairs, including issuing lawyer letters, drafting, reviewing and revising contracts for enterprises, issuing special legal opinions, and drafting internal regulatory documents for enterprises;
o International cooperation with the LAW OFFICES OF KONRAD SHERINIAN in Chicago, USA, to provide legal services for cross-border e-commerce in China.

2.Paralegal, Institute of Financial Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China, Feb. 2014-Aug. 2014
o Participating in research on hot issues such as taxation of equity and asset transfer, taxation of financial leasing, taxation of transfer of restricted shares, foreign inheritance tax, foreign personal income tax deduction, etc., and participating in writing research reports;
o Participating in the compilation of tax laws and regulations;
o Drafting legal opinions and revising contracts.
1.Master of Civil and Commercial Law, Minzu University of China, China.
2.Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Law and English, Minzu University of China, China.
Phone: 0755-82931463

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