She has many years of experience in human resource management in
Fortune 500 companies and professional labor law attorney services. She is good
at planning, designing and improving human resource compliance management
system, formulating comprehensive solutions to major and difficult employment
issues and coaching their implementation.

1. Associate, Guangdong Hancheng Law Firm, Shenzhen, China, Apr.2018-Present
o Employment system construction: drafting/reviewing/revising various legal documents such as HR management system, employment specific operation manual, employee handbook and model management tools for Ping An Group/Ping An Trust, etc.;
o Employment management check-up: providing comprehensive consultation and assessment of the entire employment management process (entry, exit, transfer), summarizing employment management problems, issuing employment management correction reports, and coaching the implementation of correction, etc. for subordinate organizations of Ping An Group;
o Employee placement: Comprehensive assessment of internal and external legal risks for many Fortune 500 companies, such as strategic adjustment or closure and transfer, design of overall employee placement plan and supporting legal documents, formulation of employee communication strategies and drafting of communication techniques, and interview and communication with employees after special authorization, etc.;
o Labor arbitration/litigation: handling labor arbitration/litigation, researching case litigation strategies, writing court materials and arbitration/litigation documents such as indictment, reply, and agency opinion, attending court hearings and mediation, etc.;
o Labor legal counsel: handling daily employment issues for Ping An Group/Ping An Technology/Ping An Trust, etc., attending important meetings, planning and solving cases, providing daily employment legal training, issuing legal opinions, etc.

2.Employee Relations Policy Analysis / Subsidiary Counterpart BP, Ping An Group Headquarters, Shenzhen, China, Jun. 2013-Mar. 2018
o Analyzing and studying national and local labor employment policies, and providing management analysis and suggestions in the light of the actual situation of the company;
o Developing and improving the group's labor employment management system, systems and related tools, and guiding the construction of employment systems, systems and teams of subordinate companies, and auditing personalized systems and tools, etc.;
o Analyzing and guiding subordinate companies in handling major, difficult or high-risk employment cases or issues, and reviewing major programs or non-standard matters of HR management modules of counterpart companies;
o Setting up and improving the training system and curriculum system for employment management team of subordinate companies, conducting on-site training, producing online courses, etc.;
o Participating in HR system blueprint planning, process design optimization and rules combing, etc.

3.Assistant to Vice President / Legal Manager, Beijing Xiangeqing Group Co.,Ltd., Beijing, China, Jun. 2011-May. 2013
o Participating in business negotiations for investment, mergers and acquisitions, business expansion, franchising and other projects, assisting the vice president in preparing relevant documents;
o Assisting the vice president in handling daily affairs and coordination and communication with various departments and subordinate molecular companies of the company;
o Drafting and reviewing important corporate rules and regulations, improving the company's legal management system, drafting and updating the company's commonly used legal documents and model contracts, and providing legal consulting services for various business departments;
o Reviewing all kinds of contracts and legal documents of the group and subordinate companies in a timely manner, and proposing amendments that meet legal requirements;
o Liaising and cooperating with external lawyers to handle relevant legal proceedings.
1.Master of Law, China University of Political Science and Law, China.
2.Bachelor of Law, Southwest University of Political Science & Law, China.
Phone: 0755-83457626

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